Turn Your Passion For Food Into A Career

There’s nothing better than building a career out of something you truly love. For some people, that’s art, or media. For others, it’s something a little closer to home. If you’ve always been a real foodie and have true talent in the kitchen, you may want to turn your passion into a genuine career path. There are ways to make money without sacrificing the hobbies you love most. Try one of these food careers and make a success of your cooking skills.

  1. Train to be a chef. Being a chef is famously hard work, but it’s the ideal profession for those that truly love all things food. If you have a knack for putting flavours together and want to run your own kitchen someday, start getting experience in local restaurants and taking courses targeted toward professional culinary skills. Experience is the best way to learn all there is to know about the world of chefs – but make sure you get a certificate iv commercial cookery to prove to potential employers that you’ve got the right skills for the job.
  2. Build a blog about the food you love. If you want to make some extra cash out of your passion for food but don’t want to commit to a full time career path just yet, blogging could be a great way in. Building a blog and marketing it online will help you gain a readership, which could lead to an income stream if you play your cards right. Write engaging, fun blog posts about your cooking and eating escapades and research ways to monetise your website.
  3. Teach clients about nutrition. For those that love all things food and nutrition and want to incorporate it into a caring profession, dietetics could be the perfect career path. Dieticians work with clients around the community or in hospitals to help them establish nutritious diets, manage ongoing illnesses, or get their weight into a healthy bracket. You’ll get to talk about food all day while helping people – it’s a win/win.
  4. Eat your way to wealth as a critic. Becoming a food critic or restaurant reviewer can take time, but it’s a dream job for many foodies. Critics eat at various restaurants around the world and then write reviews about their experience of the establishment and its food. Journalism can be a tough nut to crack as far as industries go, but if you have an entertaining writing style and a strong knowledge of fine dining then it’s certainly worth a shot.
  5. Start your own restaurant business. Not every food lover wants to be back in the kitchen cooking up a storm all day. If you’d rather run a business behind the scenes and leave the cooking to someone else, then opening your own restaurant could be your best bet. You’ll have the opportunity to work on a menu, create a unique atmosphere, and hopefully make good money if all goes well. Keep in mind that opening a restaurant can be seriously hard work, particularly if you don’t have a huge amount of capital and manpower in the beginning, so know what to expect before you invest. Starting a business is often a risky move, but the right tactics could mean major success

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