Cuisine You can Enjoy in Melbourne

Melbourne is practically the New York City of the great Down South. The city is a melting pot of cultures and peoples. None other than the diversity of restaurants in the city reflects this. If you are a Melbournians, you probably would have tried food for more than a dozen countries by now. If you are a tourist, you shouldn’t leave town before indulging in the various delicacies from around the world you can find here. Here is a list of amazing cuisine you can enjoy in Melbourne:


There are probably more Thai restaurants in Melbourne than in Thailand itself. Delicious Thai dishes made from rice, noodles, coconut milk curries, and spiced meats are super popular among both locals and tourists. You can find both fine dining Thai restaurants as well as cheap eateries. The food is as authentic as it gets, but you can try fusion Thai cuisine as well. Thai foods are not as spiced as some other Asian dishes, so it’s great for those with sensitive stomachs as well.


Want to try something familiar? You can find excellent American burger restaurants Melbourne central. The food is even better than what you can find in the real America as Australia generally has higher quality standards for ingredients. You won’t find grease filled pink slime that passes for burghers in the Midwest here. Enjoy actual meat burgers; giant sized French fries, and other famous American delicacies you have seen in Hollywood movies.

Sri Lankan

Melbourne is home to a vibrant community of Sri Lankan émigrés, people from the tropical island located between India and Maldives. Sri Lankan food is quite different from Indian cuisine. Rice is the staple dish, which is often served with an array of curries. Sri Lankan cuisine is perfect for those who like exotically spiced foods. There are non-rice favourites like kottu—a salad of chopped flatbread, veggies, and meats—that you can indulge in. If you want to taste Asian cuisine that is rarely found in other parts of the world, head off to a Sri Lankan restaurant.


No one has really tried Ethiopian cuisine, and Melbourne is one of the best places outside of the actual country to try. Ethiopian cuisine is a mix of Mediterranean and African. Dishes often include thick stew that’s like a curry served on top of a sourdough flatbread. Both vegetable and well-spiced meats are included in a meal. This is a truly unique cuisine that is unlike any other you would taste. If you are in the city, don’t leave without having a meal at an Ethiopian restaurant.


If you want to enjoy the fine dining experience, Melbourne is home to a number of five-star French restaurants. French restaurants are known for their elegant decor and atmospheric settings. Do expect to foot a hefty bill before you leave. There are really high-end places where hedge fund managers have lunch, but you may be able to find a bistro that’s more affordable.


During the colder months, the best cuisine to try is Russian. The chefs from the infamously wintry country know how to keep bellies warm in the winder. Dishes profusely use vegetables like beetroot and plenty of herbs. Of course, there’s nothing better than soups with Smetana Russian sour cream to enjoy on a cold day.

There are many more in addition to the above, but you can start with one of the suggestions.

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