Asian Conection

Huge difference the last 5 decades have made in eating habits of Australians of Anglo-Celtics background, to whom the “baked-dinner” was almost a religion, with services being held at least once a week; to whom a curry was what you did with the leftover roast and Chinese food the invention known as chop suey.

Now Australians delight in the opportunity of travelling through their taste buds, and often the journey takes them to Asia. Yam cha ( dim sum) on weekends is becoming increasingly popular. If a Thai restaurant is known to be good, you had better book reservations. Indians restaurants are gaining popularity, especially those that offer regional or vegetarian food. Eat-in or take-away places specialise in noodles from Malaysia, pho  from Vietnam, laksa from Singapore, satay and other quick meals.


It is hard to believe that 2 generation ago the average  Aussie considered it the height of chic to visit the local Chinese restaurant.

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