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Australia’s contemporary cuisine has , over the past 30 years or so, joined the ranks of the world’s best , thanks to the dazzling range of local ingredients, a truly multicultural society and a new generation of boldly creative chefs. It’s a perfect drawing together of flavours and styles: of French traditional and nouvelle cuisine , regional Italian and pan-Asian styles laced with cool Californian chic.

The evolution of the new cuisine seems to have taken place with starling swiftness. To write about Australian food of decades ago would have been to invite disbelief, if not downright laughter, together with derisive remarks about kangaroo and emu steaks. While it is true that within a month of Captain Cook sighting his kangaroo in 1770, a member of his party has eaten one, for most of the next two centuries, Australians aped the cooking styles of England, a country many still thought of as home and one not particularly renowned for fine cuisine. It is also true that until the past decade, the wild fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds used for some 40,000 years by the Aborigines were totally ignored by the more recent Australian arrivals.

Italian Food

Immigrants' Influence

With the huge influx of immigrants in the years following WW II, a largely Anglo-Celtic society was enriched, first by Europeans, then by Asians, as well as immigrants from countries verse Chile and Iran. Today, Australian tastes are as cosmopolitan and multicultural as it’s population.

Iranian Food

Australians, perhaps the best-travelled nation in the world, have experienced first hand the cuisines of Europe, Asia and America, So too have Australia chefs who, inspired be their experiences, have created a cuisine which benefits from superb produce of this continental country, which produces everything from tropical fruits and herbs to cheese, wines and stunning seafood from the far south. Australians never forget about their health and very accurate with their insurances like tpd insurance quotes or life insurance or income protection, by the way if you need income protection insurance then click here

Italian Food

Great Recipes

Chickpeas salad with spinach


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The Italians don’t just do pizza and pasta brilliantly, they also invented this comforting, wholesome soup. This version really is a meal in a bowl.

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Quick pastitsio – taste of Greece

Traditional pastitsio is a Greek bake of lamb or beef mince in a tomato-based sauce, layered with macaroni and bechamel. We’ve taken a few liberties with tradition, but not taste, to create this speedy version.

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